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Dec 07

2018 Recap: Time to Remediate the Farmer

Jeez, it is hard to believe we have ended up at this time of the year already! I have to admit I am exhausted and by the sounds around the sticks so are a lot of you. So I think I am going to start wrapping up the year, have some downtime and start planning …

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Oct 14

Regenerative Farming: The Grassroots Plight for People and the Planet

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting inside the delightful setting of Wandering Cooks to share in an open conversation on one of the poignant topics of our current day. It was surreal to be in a room of like minded people to hear from some of Brisbane and Australia’s biggest names in food systems …

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Oct 09

The Health Mix: Fueling more than Aesthetics

One question I’m often asked is why we called our signature salad mix the Health Mix? Why not a Gourmet Salad Mix or a Petal Salad? This in all honesty would probably make more sense from a marketing perspective, as I imagine people would type salad mix or gourmet mix much more regularly than Health …

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Oct 04

Momentous Milestone Moments: Small Scale Agriculture for the Future!!

We have reached some moments worth mentioning and celebrating the past few weeks!! We have just tipped 400kg of produce through the best in the west, the freshest of the fresh food community, our lovely friends at the Ipswich Good Food Group. We have been providing our produce for the past 20 months on a …

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Jan 05

Endemic Josh: Why I became a first generation farmer

G’day readers! Blogging is a new experience for me and isn’t something I had ever really considered doing before. It’s a world that I feel out of my depth and a bit nervous about. However I do believe the sharing of experiential knowledge to be an important aspect of growth, you can’t complain about things …

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