Category: Get in the Garden Series

Oct 06

Insect Hotels: Beneficial Backyard Building or Following Fads?

Our onsite critter cabin has seen through its first winter so I thought we could go through and decide if it is just a trendy piece of junk placed together in an aesthetically pleasing manner which would have provided more use on the fire or if it was actually something which was utilized by our …

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Oct 05

Spring Planting for the Budding Brisbane Grower

As the weather is warming up, the daylight hours are extending and moisture is forming in the skies above it is always a time that calls for me to be in the great outdoors. What better way to start the outdoor adventures than by spending time in the garden, reaping the rewards of a backyard …

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Jul 16

DIY Nutrient Ferments

Here at Nature Cycle, we brew fortnightly nutrient ferments to maintain onsite nutrients and micro-organisms. These ferments come from the plants we have growing onsite and ensure the local micro-ecology is being maintained while the soil is regularly being disrupted As market gardeners, much like compost is backyard black gold, we find this concoction of …

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Jun 18

DIY Worm Farm Bin

To be honest, I am actually quite proud of this re-purposing DIY. As far as what I have built from bits laying around the backyard, so far this is the upcycling piece de resistance. And I mean who doesn’t love a system which is low maintenance, high output. Worms are incredibly self sufficient and with …

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Jun 07

DIY Composting for the Backyard Gardener

Now that I am getting a bit more proficient in the realm of Composting I have been wanting to do a bit more for my local environment and community by taking on some waste reduction initiatives. We have partnered up with Food Connect to maintain a nutrient recycling program where we are able to recuperate …

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