About Endemic Josh

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Josh’s transition into urban farming wasn’t clear cut. He worked as a Geo-technician on major construction projects, while studying Earth Science at university. Despite his limited onsite farm experience, he had always felt that the way our food was produced and distributed could not be as sustainable and as fresh as we believe.

As a young child he grew up in the rural town of Charters Towers, witnessing the community around him trying to persevere through one of Australia’s prominent droughts, as the livelihoods of local farmers slipped from their control. Having the privilege of growing up as a child near areas of cultural significance such as the Daintree, he learnt from the local aboriginal people about sourcing what you needed, allowing the natural system to remain intact and minimising your impact on the local ecology; being apart of nature’s cycle instead of creating a new one. This experience cemented the idea that there were other, more sustainable, methods of growing and that new paths could be tried and tested to improve growing techniques without disrupting the natural order of the environment.

Josh’s youth experiences, mixed with his personal belief that to make things happen you have to ‘be the change you want to see’, turned this feeling into an ideology and finally into Nature Cycle. After years of researching permaculture and organic techniques being utilised around the world, working in other people’s gardens, and maintaining a prosperous vegetable and home garden, the final bit of encouragement Josh needed was the support of his partner Jamie and birth of his son Eli. In his own words “I looked down into a face of new beginnings and I knew that change was needed. What was I doing to lead by example? What am I leaving behind for the next generation?”. He has taken the step towards serving the Brisbane community’s need for fresh, local and nutritious produce and dedicated himself to providing a delicious culinary experience for those who eat from his garden.