About Nature Cycle Farm

Nature Cycle Farm is a change from regular Brisbane backyards. A change from manicured lawns to a local source for sustainable agriculture. We want to provide for our local community by offering nutritious produce fresh from the farm garden, grown using methods that occur in nature; sun, water and time. This means our produce is Chemical Free!

Who We Are: 

We are a young family who have a passion for sustainable and alternative growing methods

What We Do:

We provide local, fresh, nutritious produce using techniques adapted from permaculture systems and organic methods.

How We Do It:

We farm by hand, using effective techniques to maximise the use of our land coupled with efficient methods to mitigate water consumption and our use of petroleum while maximising soil health.

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Our Sustainability Mission

Nature Cycle is a city fringe farm currently growing on 1/2 of an acre in Karalee, Ipswich. We believe that our farms sustainability is balanced over 3 pillars; 1. Self Sustainable, 2. Environmentally Sustainable 3. Community Sustainable. To us this means directly focusing on our local impacts and constantly adjusting to keep in a positive energy flux. We look into the energy used to grow and distribute our produce and how much energy is being created by the farm, this allows a base line for onsite sustainability through energy use. We mitigate our impacts by farming by hand, focusing on increasing onsite biodiversity through soil remediation, being local to mitigate carbon emissions while providing fresh produce for our community members, supporting our local businesses and being apart of the local economy.


Our Produce

All our produce is grown by hand using natural techniques, meaning we don’t use chemical fertilisers, sprays or pesticides! Our techniques actually mitigate the use of fossil fuels and we are going to continue reducing our need for them. We follow the principals of biodynamics and permaculture which acknowledge, that by designing a dense ecosystem rich in soil micro-organisms combined with large quantities of organic matter provide the plants with all their nutrient requirements and in turn provide us with crops high in nutrients. Combined with an intensive plant spacing, we are able to maximize crop yield from a minimal area of farm space. We are able to be chemical free as our techniques foster an array of predatory organisms, fungus and bacteria which keep pest species and soil born disease controlled.

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