April 2018 archive

Apr 21

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: like pushing shit up a hill

In a Discarded Nut Shell This week was a little disheartening hearing that my local council, the Ipswich City Council, dumped recycling programs 4 weeks ago without communication to the public. The reasons were multiple: a lack of technology in facilities, rising costs, an increase in non-recyclables contaminating recycling processes and the ‘China Ban’ starting …

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Apr 17

Understanding Soils in the Backyard

What is soil? I find that if I begin thinking on this for too long I find it hard to distinguish what isn’t soil. Everything at one point or another has been forged, extracted, nourished or enveloped by the soil. From bricks made of clay, to roof frames forged from aluminium to returning when things …

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Apr 05

Supporting a Sustainable Future

I was meant to give a speech last night for a Food Co-op event at Wandering Cooks representing where I fit into the local food distribution system. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it as my son vomited all through the car on the way and has been sick all night. Public speaking is one …

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Apr 04

Befriending Beneficial Bugs and Building Biodiversity

What is Biodiversity? Most people who have been through the plots will know I am a big supporter of the natural networks at play through the garden. The Oxford Dictionary states Biodiversity as  “The variety of plant and animal life in the world or in a particular habitat”(3). To me (and many others) it is …

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