February 2018 archive

Feb 23

Remnant Vegetation: A Diminishing Resource

Continuing on with my Gardening for Nature Series, I wanted to keep taking a look into remnant vegetation. These small, divided parcels of land hold great significance within our communities, not only to our local species but to us. The value we receive from these diminishing natural resources is widely underappreciated. For decades these areas …

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Feb 14

555.6kgs of Produce from 420m2 – Nature Cycle 2017

What a year 2017 was! For me it was a big learning curve filled with moments of ecstatic success and crushing failure. But that’s life and we fill our personal data catalog with experience so we can move forward with a deeper confidence in our abilities. Highlights This year we had 420m2 under cultivation (ie …

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Feb 13

Preserving the Local Environment: My Local Eco-system

I believe it is very important to understand your local environment, even more so if you are planning to cultivate the land. By choosing to work the land we are becoming apart of a much larger system, we are creating far reaching consequences through our local environment via its geology, biology and time. These can …

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Feb 01

Homemade Rosella Cordial

Give me a jar from the rosella tree, my native sweetie… As I delved into the native plants of Australia there often seemed to be this undertone of a hostile environment with no edible species for humans to survive on. I would often read these articles in mirth recalling the numerous ‘bush tucker’ species that …

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