January 2018 archive

Jan 30

Building a Re-purposed/Upcycled Compost Pit

Why compost? Now the big thing to understand with plant nutrition is that much like us, all the nutrition required for healthy plant growth is available in nature. Nature has the pinnacle of recycling programs, just think of a forest floor constantly biodegrading nutrients ensuring that what is there today will be available for tomorrow. …

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Jan 22

Starting a Farmers Market: Benefiting your business

G’day fellow marketeers! Lets talk about starting a farmers market, the benefits and pitfalls of running a farmers market and how you can get a head start on beginning your own farmers market! Due to some discrepancies in the local market scene and through following the path of least resistance we ended up getting the …

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Jan 14

Utilizing Green Manures

What are green manures? Green manures are specific plants grown to increase organic material in a garden bed and improve its structure. They are used as a dense covering over bare soil to mitigate weed growth, moisture loss and erosion. Also referred to as cover crops they are the soil structure saviors! 5 tips for …

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Jan 11

What is Bio-intensive Growing?

G’day green growers, The regenerative agricultural platform, to me, is one of the most important growing aspects that can be utilized on any farm.¬†From the frantic bee pollinating our flowers to the slow digestion of organic matter through fungi enzymes. It positions the farmer’s perspective to emphasize the dynamic role ecology and natural processes play …

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Jan 09

A Hand Farmers Tools: a balance of ergonomics vs. economics

G’day natural farmers, Josh from Nature Cycle here. Today we are going to take a look at the various hand tools we use as farmers cultivating the land by hand. Having the right tool for the right job makes all the difference and like all industries having an in-depth knowledge of the tools on the …

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