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Eat Your Yard

To be in or near the city is too see environments being unnaturally wasted, be it from perfectly manicured lawns of residential lots to rarely visited parkland with limited vegetation to the concrete jungle which we call our monolithic cities. These sprawling scars which perforate ever deeper into the surrounding open wound which are our city outskirts are fast becoming the idealized place for vast numbers of the population to live. 

Here at Nature Cycle see that there are many issues arising around our current industrial agricultural practices, population growth, consumer habits and the effects these may have on future generations to maintain a self-sustaining environment. Land contamination, water pollution, prime agricultural land being developed upon, nutrient scarcity, top soil degradation, greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable waste being just a small few. We see that a realistic answer too many of the rising issues that come with population density, consumer demands and food production is to reincorporate living environments into the stagnant urban environments we currently inhabit and what better place to begin than by building and maintaining a thriving city-based agricultural platform. To bring market gardens and natural settings into the cities allows the re-connection and assimilation of the natural world which keeps us human and the man made which keeps us aspiring forward.

It is our vision to see as many of these under utilized spaces be opened up to sensory gardens, market gardens and community green spaces. With this in mind this section will be too use the experiences we have accumulated from being in the industry to give the aspiring Market Gardeners and social entrepreneurs out there some insight into ripping up your own lawn so you too can Eat Your Yard! 


Market Gardening