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The Backyard Market Gardeners

Josh Bennett-Jones (Founder and Owner of Nature Cycle)


Josh's transition into market gardening wasn't clear cut. He worked as a Geo-technician analyzing soil samples, while studying Earth Science at university. Despite his limited onsite farm experience, he had always felt that the way food for our cities was produced and distributed could not be as sustainable and as fresh as we believe.

As a young child he grew up in the rural towns throughout Queensland. In the west, witnessing the livelihoods of local farmers slipping from their control due to severe climatic swings. In the north learning the importance of sourcing what you needed, allowing the natural system to remain intact and minimizing one's impact on the local ecology; being apart of nature's cycle instead of creating a new one. These experiences with the land, while living in the city, cemented the idea that there were other, more sustainable, methods of growing and that new paths could be tried and tested to improve growing techniques without disrupting the natural order of the environment.

Josh's vision is to see city landscapes become one which provides for the needs and health of it's residents through green environments, city market gardens, local food distribution networks and ethical waste management. He is currently serving the Brisbane community's need for fresh, local and nutritious produce and dedicated himself to providing a delicious culinary experience for those who experience his market garden.



Jamie Berlancic (Founder of Nature Cycle)

Jamie's introduction to the world of farming began as a little girl, when she would visit her grandparents homes and watch them work their vegetable patches and home gardens. You could say that having a green thumb runs in the family: to this day, both sets of grandparents are still avid home gardeners, growing vegetables for their families, and prior to relocating to Australia in 1969, Jamie's mother had lived in Macedonia where her family had run a very successful farm for their local community.

Despite the early experiences with her grandparents, Jamie only recently rediscovered her passion for growing plants and produce. Starting initially with some pots on an apartment balcony, she realised the joy she found in helping things grow. Once given the space of a proper back yard in which to work and grow vegetables, the passion of growing for oneself quickly expanded into a wish to live in a much more sustainable way. When she discovered she was going to be a mother, this only solidified the need to make it a reality. 

Her passion to nurture her family and provide them with correct nutrition has driven her to find new cultivars and varieties that are able to be grown in the sub-tropics. She is dedicated to educating herself on sustainable growing techniques, with a purpose to grow what you eat and looks forward to providing the community with nutritious produce and culinary insights.